Watch out for this seal of quality!

Only good agencies like MajkaYachts have it!
Because it means more than the validation of the charter payment: Securing the payments is one thing – to really get the booked ship is the other thing! Arriving at the marina with the crew or family and the booked ship is not available – this unfortunately happens over and over again! In this situation – can the refund of the charter price compensate you for all costs, lost holiday pleasure and lost time?
Certainly not!
Th us, the mere protection of the loss of money is not enough for us, either! The balance sheets and fi gures of companies with this logo are therefore annually reviewed by YACHT-POOL and only to companies where both is proven – good numbers and flawless customer satisfaction – this logo will be awarded.
With the strict and elaborate checks of charter companies through YACHTPOOL we minimize the danger that you are aff ected by the consequences of insolvencies.

Th erefore, orient yourself to the quality seal
in choosing the right supplier for your untroubled dream trip!
CHECKED & TRUSTED companies are trustworthy because their business behavior and service are customer-focused and we know them to be reliable, serious and fair.
CHECKED & TRUSTED companies provide reliable fi nancial security because their business metrics are reviewed annually.
CHECKED & TRUSTED companies work constructively with YACHT-POOL because they strive for customer satisfaction value the recommendation of YACHT-POOL.
CHECKED & TRUSTED companies have a very low complaint rate and are guided by high standards in terms of quality, equipment, service and technology.
A service from YACHT-POOL for your secure and relaxed charter-cruise.

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